"heh heh heh."

Q: I know it has something to do with mix tape and do u know where I can like, get the song valentine? It's absurdly amazing

there’s a link in the header of my blog! but it’s themixtape.co.vu and omg you’re so sweet isn’t he talented? sadly no and he doesn’t think it’s as good as it is so please keep telling him

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Q: So like what's the name of your other blog? And like your boyfriends track valentine, I loved it

which one?? and aw thank you he’s so darling

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just wanted to thank you guys for always being here it’s been a reckless four years but i’ve (almost) always been able to express myself on tumblr so thanks

how do you deal with needing to cry and have like a mental breakdown in a public place i’m stuck at work and i want to cry so bad it feels like i’m gonna get sick