"heh heh heh."

Q: I really, really love your relationship with your boyfriend! It's so f*ucking cute I can't even and I'm in need of a relationship like yours :( sigh. Anyways, I was wondering (if it's okay with your boyfriend) if you can post a picture of you and him? Thanks! xoxo

aw thank you! tbh we’re not perfect at all in fact we kind of suck at being in a relationship sometimes but we really love each other and that’s what matters. and sadly i’m on mobile so i can’t post a picture but if you go to my instagram (alehksandruhjoi) there’s a bunch of us together. :*

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since the beginning of july i’ve lost 5 pounds!! you can’t see it on my body yet but i’m being patient :-)

Q: You're eating healthy right? I'm trying but I can't get past guilty pleasure foods. Do you have any/how do you get around the cravings?

you’ve come to the right place! i know it’s hard to battle cravings when you’re dieting but believe me when i say it can be really really really easy. what i do is google healthier versions of my favorite snacks. trust me you’ll find so many yummy ones you won’t even know where to start. granted it was really easy for me because i naturally like healthy foods, i just wasn’t eating them enough. if you’re someone who dislikes organic food then i’d suggest incorporating the things you /want/ to eat into a diet of things you /should/ be eating. i know it sounds counterproductive to eat junk, but everything is okay in moderation. just keep in mind: even if you’re only having 100 calories of an unhealthy snack and you’re still meeting your calorie goal, you’re likely consuming fats (trans, mono, poly) or excess sugar/sodium which isn’t good for you at all. but hey, when i’m craving fast food i’ll still go out and get a protein style burger at in n out or grilled nuggets at chick fil a. as for cravings, i’m always craving chips & guac, so my healthy workaround is to find natural, low-calorie tortilla chips/make homemade guac or buy fresh, preservative-free guac at farmers markets. just do your research and things will be way easier, i promise! good luck and don’t forget to listen to your body. :-)

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i just saw.. la roux.. and nEW ORDER from the front row of the pit at the greek theatre and i’ll honestly never be the same bernard fucking sumner just sang blue monday and ceremony and love will tear us apart and everything else good in the world about three feet from my face wow i’m dead